Natural & Organic Lipstick

Natural & Organic Lipstick

Natural & Organic Lipstick

Let us help you to create your own gorgeous line of Natural Organic Lipstick with our super quality Lipstick range. 

Formulated with a blend of nourishing top grade 100% natural & organic oils and waxes, our Wholesale natural & organic Lipstick is highly pigmented, offering  superior colour and luxurious texture that is creamy, soft and moisturising. 

Offered in a wide range of most beautiful and stunning colours that are suitable for every occasions, our Lipstick cosmetic makeup is available in Satin and Matte/Opaque Lipstick texture.


Benefits and Advantages:

  • Highly nourishing and hydrating Lipstick as each lipstick contains moisturising, organic ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil which are activated with the warmth of lips, keeping them smooth and drenched in colour. 

  • Lightweight medium to full coverage Lipstick that glides on seamlessly for a soft, creamy satin or matte finish

  • Provides a long-lasting, vibrant colour derived from all-natural pigments

  • Offered in a large portfolio of beautiful lipstick colours that are suitable for every skintone

  • Suitable as Vegan Makeup Cosmetic, Halal Cosmetic, and Gluten Free Cosmetics 

  • Low minimum orders

  • Using our Cosmetics Screen Printing and/or Designing, Printing Labelling service, we will work with you to get the perfect branding results.

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Natural Organic Satin Lipstick


Chic, glamorous and highly pigmented colours that last all day!

(100 & 200 Series)

Natural Organic Matte Lipstick


Plush, highly pigmented Natural Organic Matte Lipsticks that glides on lips to give that show-stopping and stunning look!

Natural Organic Hot Pink Lipstick


An amazing range of Natual & Orangic Pink Lipsticks colours for making a flirtatiously sweet statement!


Natural Organic Red Lipsticks


Hydrating and nourishing Natural Organic Red Lipsticks that flatter any complexion!



Natural Organic Sparkling Lipstick


A truly divine, stargazing, gorgeous, and long-lasting Natural Organic Sparkling Lipsticks!


Natural Organic Lipstick Pots (Satin Only)


A beautiful range of Natural & Organic Lipstick Pots offered with a world of vivid and vibrant colours to get that sexy lip look, so pucker up!

Lip Colour Trial Samples


Great for marketing promotion or simply offer them to your customers to try out the colours.

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