Must Know Info

Must Know Info


THANK YOU for visiting Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK!

We would appreciate if you could take time and read the following before contacting us for information.


Wholesale Makeup Cosmetics, Direct from the Manufacturer

No middle-man!..At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK we proudly manufacture and supply pure, natural, vegan Mineral Makeup Cosmetics, so you will purchase your product directly from the manufacturer at the manufacturer price.

Our Mineral Makeup Ingredients

Unlike some popular brands offer ‘Mineral Makeup’ that contains irritating additives of traditional makeup and falsely labelled as "100% Natural Mineral Makeup", our products are made of the only purest and finest form of natural ingredients. We are very proud of the ingredients that we select and use so we have nothing to hide when it comes to listing our ingredients – right here on our website!

The INGREDIENTS link is located on the Product Description for every product on our website.

Compliance to EU Safety Cosmetics Directive

All our products have been assessed, approved and certified according to the EU Cosmetic Safety Directive.

Upon purchasing your products from us, under the EU Cosmetic Regulations you are required, as the Responsible Person, to Notify your products under your brand on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal(CPNP). As our products have already been Notified we will provide the relevant information to complete the process within 3-5 business days from the date we have shipped the products to you.  If you wish that we provide the CPNP Notification service for you, please contact us for the pricing information for this service.

Pricing Information & Purchasing Products

We do not provide pricing information over the phone.  

We provide business-to-business service.  To view our pricing information including discounts, and to purchase product online, you will need to have a Trade Account with us. Here is how to proceed:

Business Clients

You will need to register with our website to apply for a Trade Account with us, go to Homepage, click on "Sign in for a Trade Account, and follow the instruction.

Please ensure your registration includes your business web address and business email address.  Without this information, your registration will be considered as client with no existing business (please see below)

Once your registration has been validated and approved by us, we will send you a confirmation email in which you can then log in with your information to access our website and view our pricing information, and to purchase product online.

Clients without business

We will gladly provide the pricing information ONLY for our "Wholesale Start-Up Pack" and "Samples Packs",  which is a great stepping forward for initiating and launching your own business in the beauty industry.  If you wish to proceed, you will need to register with our website.

You also have an option to purchase our branded line as wholesale.  If you would like to take this option, please contact us.

Minimum Order Value

The minimum order value for purchasing our product for clients that have an approved Trade Account is £150.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity information is located on the product description for every product on our website


We offer 'Samples Pack' that includes a sachet for every colour that we currently offer for our natural makeup cosmetic product to help you test the product and select your colours.  Our Samples Packs are available for clients that have an approved Trade Account with us. 

Custom Filling & Packaging Service

If you prefer to provide your own cosmetic containers to be filled and packaged by us, please contact us for the pricing information.

Design and Printing Label Service

We have our own in-house labelling design studio and printing workshop.  If you wish to utilise our labelling service, please contact us for the pricing information.

Price Matching our Wholesale Mineral Cosmetics

At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK we are committed to providing you with the lowest possible prices, and often compare our prices with our competitors to ensure you are getting the best deal.  If you have found our product, same quality but cheaper somewhere else please let us know of the company that are offering you a better price and we will gladly either match it, or even beat it!


Our catalogue is our website! We keep our pricing low by not offering a print catalogue. And most importantly, as an eco-friendly company we do not believe in killing trees for making glossy paper catalogues. 

Colour Images on Website

Due to the variances in computer monitors the colours may vary from photos shown. We would strongly advise to purchase our Samples Packs for choosing your shades/colours to make sure ordering the right colours!


Colour Code - We strongly advise that you create your own "colour name or colour code" to keep your own identity.  The Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK Colour Codes are not to be used in any format or shape (e.g. abbreviations, number, etc) without our consent.

Website Content & Image - Contents and images on our website are not be copied without our permission.

Some More Very Useful & Important Information

We highly recommend visiting the following pages/links on our website for some more very useful information:

Customer Service


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