Mineral Finishing Priming

Mineral Finishing Priming

Mineral Finishing Priming


At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK, we have formulated and created a superfine, creamy, sheer loose Mineral Finishing / Priming / Veil Makeup for providing flawless and airbrushed skin. 

Our Mineral Finishing & Priming Veil powder helps to prolong the wear of makeup while protecting the skin from the harsh UV ray with natural SPF; controlling excessive oil, and minimising pores for absolutely fresh and healthy look.



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Mineral Finishing/Priming - Glow


Translucent Finishing & Priming Powder which perfects skin by minimising fine lines, absorbing oils, softening complexion giving the beautiful finish look!

Mineral Finishing/Priming - Matte


A translucent matte blending powder to achieve that air brush and sof-focused look.


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