Natural Organic Satin Lipstick

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Natural Organic Satin Lipstick

(Colour: Natural Organic Satin Lipstick)


Create Your Own Lipstick Line!

Our satin finish Natural Organic Lipstick are ormulated with a blend of nourishing top grade natural & organic ingredients.  Designed to offer buildable coverage on lips with luxurious texture that is creamy, soft and moisturising. 

Our Private Label Natural Organic Lipstick are pre-packaged in matte silver tubes.

Min Order = 12 Per Colour

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Disclaimer - The colour image shown may not be exactly the same as actual colour due to variances in computer monitors.  Please purchase our Lip Colour Samples Pack to view the actual lip colours.


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LP - 101P
Colour: LP - 101P
LP - 102P
Colour: LP - 102P
LP - 103P
Colour: LP - 103P
LP - 105P
Colour: LP - 105P
LP - 108P
Colour: LP - 108P
LP - 113P
Colour: LP - 113P
LP - 116P
Colour: LP - 116P
LP - 134P
Colour: LP - 134P
LP - 150P
Colour: LP - 150P
LP - 151P
Colour: LP - 151P
LP - 165P
Colour: LP - 165P
LP - 170P
Colour: LP - 170P
LP - 201B
Colour: LP - 201B
LP - 205B
Colour: LP - 205B
LP - 218B
Colour: LP - 218B
LP - 220B
Colour: LP - 220B
LP - 225B
Colour: LP - 225B
LP - 245B
Colour: LP - 245B
LP - 255B
Colour: LP - 255B
LP - 265B
Colour: LP - 265B
LP - 275B
Colour: LP - 275B
LP - 295B
Colour: LP - 295B
Natural Organic Satin Lipstick
Colour: Natural Organic Satin Lipstick
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