Mineral Sparkle Eyeshadow - In 5ml Jar

Mineral Sparkle Eyeshadow - In 5ml Jar

(Colour: Sparkle Glitter Eyeshadow)


Ultra-sophisticated Sparkle Mineral Eyeshadow that instantly lighs up eyes!

Our high intensity Sparkle Mineral Eyeshadow colours are made of natural glimmer and shimmers that lights up eyes for achieving that ultimate glam look.

Our Mineral Sparkle Eyeshadow is packaged in 5ml jars with your choice of jar's caps: clear, matt black, shiny black, black rim, shiny silver rim.

Prefer to have them packaged in your containers? We can do it.

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Product Information

INGREDIENTS: Mica, +/- CI77891, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499, CI77007, CI77288

Net W. 1g

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Min Order = 30 per shade

Application Tips:

- Apply lotion or eye creame prior to applying the Sparkle Eyeshadow.  It creates something for the Sparkles to adhere to, or

- Dab the Eyeshadow Brush in the single drop of water and before dipping into Eyeshadow

- Apply Sparkle Eyeshadow prior to applying Foundation and/or Colour Corrector so that the sparkles can be easily removed from the under eyes or cheeks area, or they can be easily covered up during the application of Foundation.

- Apply a little bit of Sparkle Eyeshadow at a time


Product variations
ESG - 110R
Colour: ESG - 110R
ESG - 120S
Colour: ESG - 120S
ESG - 131G
Colour: ESG - 131G
ESG - 132G
Colour: ESG - 132G
ESG - 133G
Colour: ESG - 133G
ESG - 134G
Colour: ESG - 134G
ESG - 141P
Colour: ESG - 141P
ESG - 160BL
Colour: ESG - 160BL
ESG - 145P
Colour: ESG - 145P
Sparkle Glitter Eyeshadow
Colour: Sparkle Glitter Eyeshadow
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