Mineral Colour Corrector Range

Mineral Colour Corrector Range


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Our Mineral Colour Corrector Makeup is specifically formulated to perfectly cover and tone down the skin problem areas while providing the healing properties to heal and treat skin issues such as acne.

Green Colour Corrector should be used to balance out areas of redness, including breakouts and broken blood vessels.

Blue Colour Corrector is ideal for skin with a yellow undertone and balances out sallowness.

Pink Colour Corrector can be used for dark circles on fair skin tones and is also perfect as a highlighter.

Yellow Colour Corrector is great for concealing purple-toned dark circles or adding brightness to dull complexions.

Our Mineral Colour Corrector are available:

- 2 different finished-packaging in 30ml or 20ml jars

- Option of choosing the following caps: Black Rim, Matte Black, Shiney Black, Silver Rim, and Clear.