Mineral Veil / Setting / Priming

Mineral Veil / Setting / Priming


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Discover a flawless, airbrush look with our Mineral Veil powder under your own brand!

Our beautiful range of Mineral Veil Setting Powder has been specifically formulated to suit all types of skintones and help to prolong the wear of makeup while controlling excessive oil, and minimising pores for absloutely fresh and healthy look.  It can be applied on skin before or after applying Mineral Foundation for achieving that flawless look.

You can create your own beautiful brand from our amazing Mineral Veil Setting Powder:

  • Glow Mineral Veil / Setting / Priming (light to tan skin)

  • Matte Mineral Veil/  Setting / Priming (light to tan skin)

  • Mineral Veil / Setting / Priming for Dark Skin