Cosmetics Labelling Service


When it comes to creating your own brand of makeup, labelling and/or screen printing is an important step as it is the “face” of your product. What your product looks like will undoubtedly affect its marketability – so take your time and carefully consider the image you want to portray for your brand.

Cosmetic Labels Service - We have our own in-house Label Design Studio and state of the art printing technology for offering non-matallic, water resistant vinyl labels to the size and shape of our containers, or the containers supplied to us by our clients. We offer high quality labels, rapid production, in low quantities to enable us to deliver ready to retail products, to keep you compliant with the regulations and your costs down.

1) Label Artwork/Graphic Design - This is the initial step for designing the Artworks for your labels  so that your labels can be printed from the design for your current and future prints. The design can be created in non-metallic colours.  The design is created for both the Cap's jar for your logo; the Base's jar for the required "product information" per product, or for the tube containers such as Mascara, Lipstick, etc. 

2) Printing Labels - Once the design has been approved by you, our studio can then print the required labels (and quantity) from the design according to your order for the Labelling Service.


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Cosmetic Label Artwork/Graphic Design


The First Step is to Create an Artwork Design for your labels.

Product Information Label (e.g. Jar's base, Lipstick, etc)


Printing Labels from the Artwork/Graphic Design.

Apply Cosmetic Labels


Let us do the work and apply labels on your cosmetic containers!

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