Please Note:

  • Our website is an online shop.  However, our pricing information and purchasing products are not available to general public; we make them accessible on our website to clients that have an approved "Trade Account" with us.  Please refer to "MUST KNOW INFO" page for more information. 

  • We do not send the pricelist over the email or phone. 

  • We design and print logo only after your have purchased your products.

  • We do not sell single units of products and design labels only for the purpose of photo shooting of your brand for your website; you will need to purchase products according to the MOQ.

  • We do not provide manual invoicing as all our products and services can be purchased online. 


Here is how to work with us: 


1) Apply For Trade Account - Register with our website as an application for a Trade Account.  Please ensure your registration form is complete. 

2) Trade Account Approval - Once we have reviewed and verified information on your registration form, we will approve your application and send you a confirmation email which also includes instruction on how to buy Samples Packs from us. 

3) Buy Samples Packs - We highly recommend purchasing Samples Packs to familiar yourself with our products and colours.  This is also important for choosing your shades / colours for your brand.

4) Purchse Product and/or Services - Once you have decided on the products and shades, you can place your order on our website

- If you wish to use our Labelling service, you can order it on our website and our design studion will be in touch with you on what to do next.

- If you wish to use our Screen Printing service, you can order it on our website and we will be in touch with you for sending your logo to us.

5) Delivery - Please check our website for the delivery timeline.

6) Ready to sell!


If you are a start-up trying to establish your own business by creating your own brand from our product and service, we can help you. 

1) Register with our website. 

2) We will send you a confirmation email that includes the pricing information for our "Cosmetic Business Start Up Pack" and "Makeup Samples Pack".  This is a great stepping forward for launching your own business in the natural beauty industry. 

After you have purchased our "Cosmetic Business Start-Up Pack", your account will be upgraded to a "Trade Account" in which you can then access to our website for your future orders.