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Must Know Info



Topics covered in this page:

- Our Mineral Makeup Product and Ingredients

-  Compliance to EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations

- Access to Our Pricing information and Purchasing Product

- Our Minimum Order Quantity

- Our Minimum Order Value

- Our Makeup Samples

- Our Bespoke Cosmetic Services

- Our Cosmetic Labelling & Screen Printing Service

- Our Catalogue

- The Copyright Notion

- Animal Testing

- Brexit

- More Useful Information


Our Mineral Makeup Product & Ingredients

In general, the form, colour, texture and peformance of mineral based cosmetic products may not be the same as chemical based products.  For this reason, we would expect our brand owners to do their research to educate themeslves about the mineral based cosmetics.

Unlike some popular brands offer ‘Mineral Makeup’ that contains irritating additives of traditional makeup and falsely labelled as "100% Natural Mineral Makeup", our products are made of the only purest and finest form of natural ingredients. We are very proud of the ingredients that we select and use so we have nothing to hide when it comes to listing our ingredients – right here on our website!

Compliance to EU Safety Cosmetics Directive

All our products have been assessed, approved and certified according to the EU Cosmetic Safety Directive.

Once you have purchased your products from us, under the EU Cosmetic Regulations you are required, as the Responsible Person, to Notify your products under your brand on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal(CPNP).

Access to Our Pricing Information & Purchasing Product

  • We provide "business-to-business service". 

  • We do not send the pricing information over the email.

  • Access to the pricing information and purchasing our products is available on our website only to the clients have an approved Trade Account with us.

Here is how it works:

Clients with Existing Business

  • Please register with our website (Homepage, click on "Sign in for a Trade Account")

  • After we have reviwed and verified the information you have provided, we will approve your registration as "Trade Account" and send you a confirmation note.

Please note:

  • Registrations without a valid and active eCommerce website will be considered as "clients without a business" (see the next section below)

  • Incomplete registrations (e.g. no address, no phone number, etc) will be automatically deleted from our website system.

  • A valid billing & Shipping address is required - we do not consider applications with the PO Box address.

Clients Without an Established Business

If you are a start-up trying to establish your own business by creating your own brand from our product, we can help you. 

  • Please register with our website

  • We will send you an email confirmation that includes the following pricing information: "Wholesale Makeup Startup Pack" and "Samples Packs" . This is a great stepping forward for initiating and launching your own business in the natural beauty product industry.

  • After you have purchased our "Wholesale Makeup Start-Up Pack", your account will be upgraded to a "Trade Account" in which you can then access to our website for your future orders.

You also have an option to purchase our branded line as wholesale makeup, if you wish.  

Our Minimum Order Value (MOV)

The MOV for purchasing our product for clients with an approved trade account is £150.

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

This information is available for every product on our website.

Our Makeup Samples

We do not offer individual samples for our colours.  Our samples are available as  'Samples Pack'.  They are available to clients that have registered with us.

If you wish to purchase products based on the images on our website, you can certainly do so you at your own risk as depending on computer monitor, colours may shown different than the actual colour.  

Our Bespoke Cosmetic Services

In addition to the wide range of products that we currently offer to help you create your own brand of beautiful natural makeup, we also offer bespoke services to meet your specific requirements such as Custom-Made Colours, etc.   Click here to read more about our Bespoke Cosmetic Services....

Our Cosmetics Labelling & Screen Printing Service

If you require designing and printing service for your brand, we can help you.  Click here to read more about our Cosmetic Labeling & Screen Printing Service.

Our Catalogue

As an eco-friendly company, we do not believe in killing trees for making fancy glossy paper catalogue. Our catalogue is simply our website!

The Copyright Notion

Colour Code - Please do not copy our manufacturing colour codes for your brand! You are creating your own brand, therefore you should create your own "colour name or colour code" to keep your own identity. 

Website Content and Image - Contents and images on our website are not to be copied without our permission.

Animal Testing

In general, animal testing on cosmetic products has been banned in Europe since September 2004.  This means, cosmetic products that are legally sold in Europe (i.e. products that are complied to the EU Regulations) are not tested on animals. All of our products are assessed and certified by an independent chemist to be EU Compliant.

Also, the ban on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients in the EU came fully into effect in July 2013.  To enforce this, we source our ingredients only from the suppliers that comply with the EU Regulation.

The CTPA (The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association)  website provides a very useful insight on this topic, here is the link

However,  if our clients still wish to invest in certifying their branded (e.g. Leaping Bunny, PETA, etc), such organisations require preparing and filling out questionnaire.  As this is a time consuming administration task for us a charge of £100.00 is applicable for preparing each application.


To address concerns expressed by our European clients, we are excited to announce our newly established European office in Spain, which is now our marketing office and additional capability for handling & distribution of orders.

More Useful Information

Please visit the following pages/links on our website for some more very useful information:

- Terms of Service

- FAQ's

- About Us