About Us


Be the rightful brand owner and let us help you to create your own beautiful brand from our Marvellous Mineral Makeup Cosmetics that is for everyone!




What Do We Do?

We desing, formulat and manufacture natural Mineral Makeup cosmetics.  With our wide range of top quality product combined with our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field we have helped so many clients around the world to create their own line of beautiful Mineral Makeup Cosmetic business.

Our brand owners are enjoying the success as they are well established in the market, in fact, some of them have become big players in the global market - we are proud of all of them!    

Proudly "Made in England"

Our factory is in the heart of beautiful countryside of Somerset in England, producing a wide range of mineral based makeup products with a large portfolio of colours/shades that our clients can choose from for creating their own brand of beautiful and high quality mineral makeup.

Our Un-branded Mineral Makeup Cosmetics

From the base makeup to the last stroke of Mascara, our Mineral Makeup line enhances the natural beauty, creating a forever youthful appearance and helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Wholesale Mineral Makeup our extensive product range includes:

Achieve Natural Beauty at Wholesale Mineral Makeup (WMM)
Welcome to Wholesale Mineral Makeup (WMM), the home of magnificant mineral cosmetics where you can achieve natural beauty.  If you have been searching for top quality cosmetics that are kind to your skin, then look no further. WMM mineral cosmetics are created exclusively for women, by women and have been developed over a number of years of research with the health of your skin in mind.


A Makeup Brand with Differentiating Factors

At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK, we make our products with love and passion without compromising the health, nature and environment for creating beauty products. 

  • Our raw ingredients are carefully selected to create products that cater the market with specific preferences such as Vegan Cosmetics, Halal Cosmetics, Gluten Free Cosmetics (Disclaimer- we do not use gluten in our formulation and work in gluten-free environment, however, we can not guarantee the ingredients have been produced / manufactured or processed in the gluten free environment.)

  • As well as loving our earth and environment, we are also animal lovers.  We never test products on animals nor buy from any supplier that tests on animal.  The only test we carry out is on ourselves or lovely volunteer people! (For more info please read our Animal Testing Policy)

  • All our products have been assessed and certified in compliance with the UK/EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations.

  • Our Product are formulated to offer amazing benefits such as:

    • Ability to manage problematic skin such as acne, eczema, rosacea, or those sensitive to sunlight following invasive procedures like chemical peels.

    • A Makeup that is non-comedogenic , meaning it doesn't clog pores allowing the skin to breath, hence long-term effects on healthier skin

    • And, the best of all....the most natural, luminous and flawless look that a makeup can offer to the skin!

  • Our products do not contain:

    • Harmful chemicals, preservatives, and questionable fillers

    • Sentisisers such as perfume or dye

    • Man-made minerals such as Bismuth that is a by-product of lead and known to be a common skin irritant (some top brands that contain Bismuth still say "100% mineral" on the front!)

    • Nano-particle minerals

Our Beliefs and Mission

At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK, our basic and most fundamental mission is to develop and manufacture the highest quality natural Mineral Makeup products at a very competitive price while delivering a service which far exceeds that of our competitors.

As much as we are passionate about our product, we also aim to make a difference to our community, environment and customers. We strive to ensure that the manufacturing of our products has as little effect on the environment as possible:

  • They are free from toxic and harmful chemicals

  • We do not use excessive packaging that are just thrown away after opening e.g. secondary boxes, shrink wraps, etc that ends up in the trash, and we tend to encourage our clients to do the same

  • We do not believe in killing trees for making fancy glossy paper catalogue.  Our catalogue is simply our website!

  • Although we have never purchased our Micas from India where some mines use child labour, regardless, we require from all our suppliers an official declaration letter stating that they do not source Micas from mines in India that involve child labour.

We are proud of our "excellent customer service" to our clients all around the world. Our belief is:

  • Every customer matters, regardless of business size and/or order value

  • We are successful because we work hard to make sure our customers are successful

  • We measure our success through customer loyalty and repeated business with us

Our Worldwide Clients

The Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK clients are worldwide! Our wide range of natural mineral cosmetics offer something for everyone...Come and join the family.....