Custom-Made Service


Until further notice we do not take new orders for our "custom-made" service except "Custom-Filling & Packaging" service 

From the conception to launch, creating a brand of beautiful natural mineral makeup has been proven to be a tedious project . At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK, our aim is to make the creating of your brand experience as easy as possible.  We provide the following bespoke services:

Custom-Filling & Packaging in Client-Provided Containers


Our operation set-up is designed to allow us the flexibility and ability we need for providing bespoke makeup service to clients that prefer to have the products filled-in and packaged in their own containers.

Minimum Order:

Satin / Matte Lipstick = 60 units / per shade

Lipgloss  = 100 units / per shade

Foundation, Concealer, Colour Corrector, Matte Blush filled in 30ml Jars = Standard (100 units / per shade), Without Titanium Dioxide (200 units / per shade)

Satin Blush & Bronzer filled in 30ml Jars = 100 units / per shade

Eyeshadow Satin & Matte filled in 5ml or 10 Jars = Standard (250 units / per shade), Without Titanium Dioxide (300 units / per shade)

Eyeliner and Brow filled in 5ml or 10ml Jars= Standard (250 units / per shade), Without Titanium Dioxide (300 units / per shade)

Highlighter filled in 20ml Jar = 120 units / per shade

Mascara = 4000 units (Note: Delivery is up to 12 weeks)

Please contact us for the pricing information for the product of your interest.


Custom-Made Colours & Colour Matching


Although we offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative colour cosmetic range of products, we are giving our clients the power to uncover their own creative ideas for having their own unique shades and colours created.  With the experienced and best-in-industry formulators, we can create your favourite shades and colours. 

MOQ for Lip Care Products = 100 units / per shade

MOQ for the Mineral Powder Products = Depending on the product.

Formulation Cost = Depending on the product

For more information please contact us. 


Custom-Made Makeup Formulation and Design


Our innovative and creative approach to product development and manufacturing has positioned us as the industry leader in the formulation, manufacturing, filling and packaging of Natural Makeup Cosmetics. 

With the breadth of our experience and capabilities, we can provide our customers the ability to have their brand formulated and created with the specific natural ingredients that they desire.   From the full-coverage Foundation to the elegant and indulgent texture of Lipstick, we will have your brand covered. So, if you wan to create your product with your favourite ingredients, we can do it.

The cost and process for custom-made makeup formulation involves: formulation work; send you samples for your approval, once approved submit for the Safety Assessment Certification, and set-up a standalone production in our factory for producing your product .  

Please note, we ONLY work with the natural based ingredients for the product development.

For more information on costs please contact us.