Mineral Brow and Hair Powder

Mineral Brow and Hair Powder


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At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK we have created 2 unique formulas for our Brow and Hair products with amazing results.  Highly pigmented, long-lasting, and smudge-free for filling for defining and lenghtening brows.

With the versatile, unique and dual-oriented actions formulation, this amazing product can be used as: 

- Brow Powder to contour, colour, add volume, or filling spots for achieving the best natural looking, and high definition brow lines.  With the matt textured colour it mimics the natural highlight of brow hair, avoiding the "draw on" look.

- Temporary Hair Colour Concealer for instantly "retouching re-growth" or "covering up the grey", camouflaging hair roots for perfect colour every day.  Just apply it on dry hair with a brush over the roots, start at the scalp and work down, repeating until roots are fully covered.