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We have assembled a series of "common questions" that we get from our clients, which hopefully will help to answer the same questions that you might have!

Q. What makes WMM mineral makeup powder superior to others?
A. WMM use pure natural mineral ingredients.  They are free from harmful ingredients such as Preservatives,Parabens,Mineral oil, Perfumes, Oils and Fragrances,Dyes,Bismuth oxychloride,Talc.
Please read About Mineral Makeup for more information on harmful ingredients that may exist in some mineral makeup brands. 
Our mineral makeup uses natural mineral pigments; we don’t use fillers or synthetic dyes, which is why our mineral powders are very rich in colour and longer lasting, and therefore, a little goes a long way!
All the ingredients used in WMM have been assessed, approved and certified in compliance with EU Cosmetic Safety Directive. 
Q. Do your mineral makeup products contain nanoparticles?
A. Unlike many mineral makeup brands, WMM Minerals does not use nanoparticles ingredients in its products. We are well aware that nanoparticles can potentially cause health risks as the very fine particles can be absorbed through the skin.
Q. Do you test your products on animals?
A. No, none of WMM's products are tested on animals.
Q. Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
A. Our complete line of mineral powder cosmetics is mineral-based,  which means that all of the ingredients come from rocks! What this means to a vegan consumer is that the WMM mineral foundation, mineral blush, mineral bronzer, mineral veil, mineral corrector, mineral eyeshadow and body shimmer is vegan. Our brushes are vegan as well.
The only products that WMM carries that should be avoided by vegan customers are: mascara, nail polish and eye pencil.
Q. Do your mineral makeup powder provide sun protection?
A. Our mineral makeup contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are natural barrier sunscreen ingredients. Both work together to block UVA and UVB rays, delivering broad-spectrum sun protection of at least SPF 15. However, mineral makeup should NEVER serve as your first line of defense against sun damage.  Always apply moisturiser with high SPF factor before applying your makeup.
Q. Is WMM mineral makeup powder suitable for ladies with skin problems such as acne and sensitive skin?
A. Yes - in fact, our mineral makeup can actually be good for acne! Acne-sufferers usually need makeup to cover acne scars and blemishes, but the problem is the traditional makeup often makes their acne worse. Our mineral foundation and concealers have just the right amount of coverage to conceal blemishes, acne scars and redness without making you look like you are wearing a mask. Also, our mineral makeup doesn't block pores, is non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory and oil free.  And with ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide it can help calm down redness and inflammation.
With regards to sensitive skin, WMM mineral makeup contains ingredients which are very gentle to skin. None of our products contain potential irritants such as perfumes, alcohols, dyes and parabens - so it is safe to use on very sensitive skin, even skin that has recently undergone chemical peels and microdermabrasions.
Q. Are your mineral makeup powder suitable for mature skin or dry skin?
A. Our makeup does not dry out skin or settle into fine lines. Additionally, the light-diffusing properties of our makeup reduces and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have very dry skin, it is always good to apply good moisturiser first before applying any makeup.
Q. What is the coverage and texture like?
A. With our mineral powder’s  you can achieve the amount of cover that you desire. Different application tools and techniques will bring about different amounts of coverage. For the lightest coverage, just dust WMM mineral foundation with a mineral powder brush lightly all over your face. For medium coverage, you may want to use a kabuki brush. For heavier coverage, you can use a velour puff or makeup sponge. There are many ways to apply our mineral makeup - use whichever way that is convenient for you and what looks best on you.  Please see About Mineral Makeup to learn some very useful tips & tricks!
Q. How long-wearing is your mineral makeup powder?
A. With WMM Minerals, you won't need to touch up constantly during the day. Our makeup is naturally water-resistant - it won't come off  easily when you sweat, making it perfect for humid conditions or for working out in the gym! Even rain won't make it budge! After a light workout, just blot your face dry with a towel. To remove your makeup at the end of the day, a gentle cleanser is sufficient.
Q. Do you provide "custom colour" service for mineral powders?
A. Yes, we do.  Just send us samples of your desired colours and we'll replicate the colours for you.  Please contact us for the charge. 
Q. Should I purchase in-bulk or jars?
A. This depends upon your budget and the time you can devote to your mineral business. If you have plenty of time and money is an issue, the cheapest method is to purchase in bulk. You will then need to package the powders into jars yourself and label them. Our jars come with seals on the sifters for a very professional look. 
If, however, you have little time, but money is more abundant, you might wish to try our prepackaged minerals, which come with no labels.
Q. I want to buy WMM in-bulk loose powder and package them in my own jars.  What is the best practice?
A. Each cosmetic company packages their product using different methods.  The most popular way to package a mineral powder product is to packaged them by Net Volume, which means the Size of the Jar determines the amount of product in the jar, not the weight of the product in the jar. What is difference? Lighter shades of mineral makeup weigh more than darker shades.  For example, a 3g jar of one shade will contain less makeup than a jar of another shade.  Packaging by volume means that every jar is alway full no matter what shade.  
Here are some measurement guidelines for different jar sizes and the amount of product they hold: 
-  2 gram jar holds approx 1/3 teaspoon of product
- 5 gram jar holds approx 3/4 teaspoon of product
-10 gram jar holds approx 1 teaspoon of product
- 20 gram jar holds approx 2 teaspoons of product
- 30 gram jar holds approx 1 Tablespoon of product
-50 gram jar holds approx 2 Tablespoons of product
Q. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A. We have intentionally made our MOQ low to ensure accommodating the requirements for both the large and small business clients.  The MOQ information is provided in the Product Description for each product on our website.  
Q. Do you sell Samples of your products?
A. Yes, you can purchase "Samples Pack" for all our mineral makeup powders directly from our website.  If you would like to sample our other products e.g. mascara, lipstick, etc. you can purchase them directly from our sister company www.jarde.co.uk , and should you place a subsequent order with us we will credit your invoice for the samples that you've purchased from them. For more information please read our Wholesale Information, Sample section. 
Q. I need labels for my products.  Can you help?
A. Yes, we offer a value added service for printing the required labels for your products our own supplier of labels.  They have arranged for a special discount pricing for our clients.  Please conact us for further information. 
Q. I am planning for some events to promote my brand and I need Cosmetic Display.  Can you help?
A. Yes, we can.  We know how important it is to professionally present your beautiful brand of natural cosmetics to your potential customers. We now offer elegant Cosmetic Displays for all your mineral makeup products.  Please see Cosmetic Display.  Please note our Terms & Conditions.
Q. Do you always have stocks for all your colours?
A.  As we offer over 160 different colours for our products, and with clients all around the world, our stock gets constantly replenished, hence we keep our stock as fresh as possible. Having said that, it is possible that some shades are in the process of replenishment for some new orders. If so, we will advise the client for the shades that are being replenished along with the estimated timeline for the new stock availbility.  Also, if we are out of stock for some of your colours at the time of your order, we will send them to you later on with no delivery charge.   
Q. How quickly do you ship orders?
A. We aim to ship orders within 1 to 3 days, however, large orders would take 5 to 15 days to process.
Q. Do I pay for Shipping? If so, how much does it cost?
A. Yes, the shipping charge is not included in the price.  Shipping charges are based upon the weight of your order.  It is our aim to find the best and cheapest shipping option for you as we would prefer that you invest on products rather than spending a lot on shipping charges.
Q. Do you give exclusive selling rights?
A. No, we do not. Our products are sold un-branded and many of our private labels clients re-sale our products, and therefore we can not control to whom or to where. Thus, legally, it would become a messy ordeal and impossible to implement.
Q. Do you offer refunds or exchange?
A. We do not accept returns, refund or exhange due to sanitary purposes and protect you, the customer. For more information please read our Terms & Conditions 
Q. Can I come & look at your products?
A. We operate from a warehouse that is specially built for running our day to day business production & operation to respond to our customers' demands all around the world.  Thus, we do not have a retail premises or customer reception facility.  For the good of our customers, we work very hard to avoid un-necessary operational costs (e.g. fancy offices) so that we are able to offer and maintain low price on our product to customers.    
Q. Can I use your Text and Pictures from your website?
A. You can cut & paste the shade images from our website, if you wish.  However, you may want to write your own text that is unique to your own brand.

Q. Can you tell me a little bit about your product?

A. Here are some important facts about our product:

  • High quality raw mineral ingredients - We carefully select and source our ingredients from various suppliers all around the world including UK.

  • No nasty chemical or additives  - Some mineral makeup's offered in the market contain additional ingredients that can be skin irritative such as bismuth oxychloride, talc, etc and they are still advertised as "Mineral Makeup"!

Q. Do the ingredients in your mineral makeup products contain nano particles?

A.  No.  We do not use nano particles form ingredients in our makeup.  All the raw ingredients that we use in our formulation have gone through the the EU Certification process as products with no "nanoparticles".

Q. Where do you source your ingredients?

A.  We source our ingredients from suppliers in the UK and international.  We carefully select our suppliers to ensure the ingredients meet certain important criteria such as high level purity, not tested on animals, and REACH fulfilled.  We also make every effort to get assurance from the manufacturers that Mica are not sourced from mines in India that use child labour.  

Q. Once I've purchased your product, do I have to get them EU Certified?

A. Our products have been EU certified. However, as a brand owner you will have to register and Notify your brand and products with the EU Portal.  We do offer this service to help you meet this requirements.  Please click here for EU Cosmetic Compliance Management.

Q. Do you test your products on animals?

A. No. Please click here for our Animal Testing Plicy and Statement.  

Q. Are your products Vegan?

A.  Yes.  Our products do not contain animal by-product.

Q. Are your products are Halal Makeup?

A.  Except our "Natural Mascara" that contains alcohol, all our products can be classified as Halal Makeup.  This is due to having our products assessed and certified by the Halal Organisations for some of our clients.

If you wish to have your brand certified as Halal in order to use the "Halal Logo" on your marketing materials, please let us know and we will put you in contact with the ones that have worked with us.

Q. Do your mineral makeup powder provide sun protection (SPF)?

A. By nature, mineral makeup products that contain Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are natural sun barrier sunscreen with the estimated SPF rating of at least 15 to 20.  This is not a "claim"; it is just an information about the nature of the product in which can be provided in your marketing materials. 

However, if you wish to specifically "claim" that your brand is SPF rated (e.g. 30, 50), you will need to have your product SPF certified according to the rate that you wish to claim.

Q. I need labels for my products.  Can you help?

A. Yes, Please visit our website Cosmetics Labelling Service.

Q. I still have some old products but do not have labels, can you re-print labels for me?

A. If your products have passed the shelf-life we strongly recommend that you dispose them to ensure compliance with the "Consumer Safety" regulations.  For this reason, we will not be able to re-print labels for such products. 

Q. Do you give exclusive selling rights for your makeup products?

A. No. Our products are sold un-branded and many of our private labels clients re-sale our products, and therefore we can not control to whom or to where.

Q. How often do you increase your pricing?

A. We always work very hard to maintain our price, and have been able to do so successfully over the years.  If we do, it could be due to price increase by the events that are outside of our control, for example suppliers pricing, national wage increases, etc