Mineral Concealer Powder

Mineral Concealer Powder


At Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK, we have formulated and created a fantastic range of multi-tasking and brightener Mineral Concealer Powder that provide amazing coverage to help cover up anything you want to hide (scars, dark spots, large porse, under eyes dark circles, blemishes, etc).  A perfect partner with the Mineral Foundation for achieving the ultimate airbrush and soft-focused look!

Here is a few major benefits that our Mineral Concealer powder can offer:

  • For a perfect looking skin – To achieve that flawless look, our Mineral Concealer helps to hide the skin imperfections such as birth marks, age spots, and even the tiny scars and blemishes.

  • For lightening dark circles – Dark circles are a common problem with every woman as they cause looking tired and dull.  Our Mineral Concealer hide dark circle with an instance effect for making skin look younger and glowing.

  • For highlighting facial features – Our Mineral Concealer can improve the appearance of facial features.  For example, by applying a light coloured concealer at the corner of eyes, they will appear bigger and attracitve.

  • For hiding under eye puffinesss –  Our Mineral Concealer is a fantastic solution to make under puffiness less noticeable.

  • For protecting the skin from the sun – With natural SPF 15, our Mineral Conealer acts as a medium of protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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